Submerge yourself in our history and get to know a historical heritage that is packed full of traces of sailors and artisans. (tower homes, churches, palaces, convents…)


While visiting our community, as you walk through the streets filled with palaces, tower homes, religious buildings… you will become familiar with the origins of its inhabitants and its seafaring, artisanal and commercial past.


  • City Hall and Independence Plaza
  • Exterior of Santa Maria Basilica
  • Old city walls
  • Convent of the Dominican Mothers
  • Uriarte Palace
  • Turpin Tower
  • Tendería Street
  • San José Church or Compañía Church
  • Oxangoiti Palace
  • Uribarria Palace or Sosoaga Palace
  • Maguregi Tower
  • Arranegi Plaza
  • “Upa- etxea”
  • Ezpeleta Street
  • San Juan Talako Chapel
  • Visits to the lighthouse and Santa Catalina
  • Logging
  • Visits to San Nicolas and the beach
  •  “Txatxo Kaia” Port
  • “Ondarzabal Beach” (from outside)
  • Independence Plaza


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City center audio guides:
Guided audio visit, in 4 languages: Euskera, Spanish, English and French.

Available all year at the office of tourism.

Hours: 10:30 to 16:00.

Duration: one hour.

Price: 3€ (you must make a security deposit of 10€, which will be refunded when you return the guide).